Protection for ‘At-Risk’ Residents

Wander Management

Wander Management Systems offer safety and security for those prone to wander. At Amped, we understand that residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia need the ability to move freely about within the protection of a secure environment.

Amped’s security solutions offer assistance against elopement and wandering. Our solutions are flexible as well as scalable and work for both Senior Living Facilities and Hospitals.

“In the 10 years we’ve partnered with them, Amped has never disappointed us. As important as the technical work Amped does is the consultative approach they take to their work with us. They are an integral part of our team, and have helped us make important decisions about our communications and technology strategy.”

River Landing
Wander Management systems allow your facility to provide access to specific areas for residents but prevent access to others such as public entrances and exits. This gives your residents the maximum freedom to move about in a protected environment. For instance, a resident may have access to the facility dining area but not the kitchen where public entrances and exits would allow the resident to wander away without notice.

A small flexible band on the resident’s wrist alerts staff to the resident’s whereabouts in case of an emergency. Each band can be configured to match the habits of a specific resident, particularly when the resident seems determined to wander. While wandering can still occur, the alert band acts as a locator, helping you locate and rescue the wanderer.

wander management
Amped’s Wander Management system is scalable, allowing you to “start small” with one or two door locks and then expand as needed or desired. Dementia wander management makes your facility more secure for patients and gives their families – as well as staff – peace of mind.

Authorized Dealers

Amped is an authorized dealer for:

  • Stanley Roam Alert
  • Accutech ResidentGuard

Service & Maintenance Providers

Amped provides service and maintenance of these fine wander prevention products:

  • Stanley Roam Alert
  • Accutech ResidentGuard
  • Code Alert
  • WatchMate
  • WanderGuard