Commercial Security Systems

Retail, Restaurants, Office Spaces, Manufacturing, and Industrial Spaces

Beyond keeping valuable products safe, employees and patrons, materials, tools, machinery, and facilities must be kept secure. Amped provides commercial security solutions for keeping your entire business – apartment complexes, hotels, retail stores, restaurants, offices, manufacturing plants – as well as assets in a secure, monitored environment. Safety for employees, customers, and patrons is also a concern for businesses. Amped products are designed to meet these needs.

Our commercial solutions are perfect for the following

Apartment complexes
Office buildings
Industrial facilities

“I really appreciate your help in making this project go on your end. I have never had to worry about AMP regarding schedule or quality of work. You guys are always on time and straight-forward when it comes to knowledge of your system, duration, and availability. As a Construction Manager, I couldn’t have asked for a better core value in partnering contractor. I’ve bragged about AMP since Phase I completion. Not only to my construction team, but to River Landing as well. AMP work speaks for itself.”

Frank L. Blum Construction Company

Wireless Solutions

Wireless technology is a necessary component of all security systems. Call buttons, control panels, door locks, and more should all be accessible from a distance. Amped products apply the most up-to-date wireless technology available to offer convenient security and safety measures.

Access Control

One of the most important security measures a business can benefit from is access control. Only authorized personnel should be able to access certain areas of a commercial building from retail stores, warehouses, or storerooms. Only certain employees should be able to get into the building after hours. These are all examples of ways that access control can help your business operate more smoothly and securely.

Video Surveillance

Monitoring your business by video is also a must. Video surveillance has become much more affordable and convenient with recent advances in digital and wireless capabilities, so much so that there’s really no reason not to. You can know exactly what is happening in every area of your business at all times. Eliminate liability risk, product shrinkage, and safety concerns.

Asset Retention

To prevent product shrinkage, asset retention is the hopeful result of the solutions listed above. Every product from wireless solutions to access control to video surveillance will keep valuable products and materials where they should be. Whether you offer a service or sell a physical product, asset retention helps all businesses save money.

Save Money, Protect Assets, and Keep Employees & Guests Safe

Commercial buildings operate more efficiently and safely with enhanced security. Protect not only your business’ assets but also your people. Your hard-working employees are dedicated to your business’ success and deserve to have a safe work environment. Security systems, emergency call buttons, and other wireless solutions go a long way toward establishing a safe and secure workplace. Take advantage of the solutions Amped offers and enjoy greater business success. Call (336) 223-4811 to learn how you can save money and protect your people with Amped products.

There’s an Amped Product for Every Commercial Need

Whatever business you are in – retail location, restaurant, hotel, office space, industrial workplace, etc. – Amped’s systems offer enhanced security for your employees and guests as well as your assets. The following systems help protect your products, supplies, tools, machinery, and most importantly, people:

  • Access control
  • Video surveillance
  • Wireless solutions
  • Asset retention