Healthcare Security Sytems

The unique needs of the healthcare industry call for individualized security measures. Each medical facility is different in the type of care it offers and the needs of its patients, who are the top priority. Amped provides a variety of safety features designed to meet the needs of any healthcare facility, including Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities and Continuing Care/Planned Care Communities. While the focus is primarily on the patient, it is equally important for medical staff to be as safe as the patients under their care. Amped products satisfy the needs of both the patients and staff while helping to maintain a controlled, healthy environment.

Personal Emergency Wireless Alert/Staff Duress

The threat of violence from patients, especially in emotional and mental health facilities, is an unfortunate reality. Staff can use a wireless signal to call for help, allowing security personnel to locate and reach them quickly.

Wander Management

In any caregiver environment, especially for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, wandering is a dangerous, yet common occurrence. Wander Management systems allow patients to move freely, while still being monitored.

Infant/Child Abduction Prevention

Protecting the smallest patients is a growing need in hospitals. Amped’s infant & child protection security systems have user-friendly software to assist staff in keeping infants and children safe and well cared for.

Nurse call

People in caregiver environments need to be able to call for help when needed, from anywhere. Amped provides a range of nurse call systems that can be adapted to fit the needs of both staff and patients in a variety of facilities.

Fall Prevention

Falling is one of the biggest risks to older adults. Fall prevention monitoring systems can reduce this risk by monitoring beds, chairs, wheelchairs, and bathroom facilities. Staff is alerted to provide assistance if a patient is in need.

Access Control

In medical and healthcare, and facilities, privacy and safety are major concerns. When there are certain areas that should only be accessible to specifically trained staff, access control systems make it easy to monitor and control entry into secure zones.

Video surveillance

Monitoring all facilities by video is an ideal method to avoid theft and liability claims. Video surveillance makes it possible to see what is happening in every area of a building from nursing homes to large hospitals.

Mass Notification System

Protect, alert and notify the people you care about, anytime and anywhere. Stay safe and informed with mass notification solutions designed specifically for education, healthcare, business and government needs.

Amped Provides Flexible Solutions to Meet the Needs of Any Medical or Healthcare Facility

Going above and beyond the call of duty, Amped can adjust, modify, or develop security and surveillance systems to meet the individual requirements of any medical or healthcare facility. Amped provides innovative solutions that utilize the most up-to-date technology to keep patients and healthcare workers safe and accounted for. Whether your current system needs to be upgraded or you are adding security measures for the first time, Amped will design a solution to suit your facility and the staff and patients there. Call (336) 223-4811 to find out how you can increase safety and security in your facility today.

There’s an Amped Product for Every Healthcare Need

In the healthcare field, security and safety are of utmost importance. Amped products make hospitals and other medical facilities safer for patients and staff, including:

  • Infant Abduction Prevention
  • Wander Management
  • Nurse Call
  • Staff Duress/Emergency Signal
  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Fall Prevention
  • Wireless Control