Meet the Amped Team


Owner/ President
As founder and president of Amped, it is Trey’s vision to build lasting partnerships with Amped’s customers. “No matter the products or services Amped provides, nothing is more important than the partnerships Amped fosters during this journey together.” Before starting Amped Trey worked over 20 years in the IT/ Electronics industry.


Operation’s Manager
Caleb is the operations manager of Amped with over ten years of management experience in operations and projects. Caleb specializes in increasing efficiencies by streamlining company operations and understanding inter-organizational dynamics while managing external projects. Caleb currently holds a Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering and a Master of Project Management.


Owner/Business Manager
Robin and Trey started Amped in 2012 and continue to work together as business partners as well as partners in marriage. Robin feels very fortunate to work with Amped’s customers and vendors which she also refers to as partners. Robin appreciates the staff members who make up the Amped team as they are dedicated, caring, and exhibit integrity. Before Amped, Robin worked as a Medical Technologist and holds a Bachelor Degree in Microbiology.


Service Manager
Scott is the service manager of Amped with over twenty years’ experience in the access control and security industry. Scott coordinates the scheduling of service work and is the person most responsible for our team’s high morale. Scott has been a volunteer fireman since 1994 and holds the rank of Captain at his local fire department. Scott is a proud father, grandfather and husband for over 30 years.

Our Team

Amped is proud to say that we are fortunate to have a team with a diverse set of skills! Within our team, you will find:

  • A Masters degree in Project Management
  • Bachelor’s degrees in
    • Information Technology and Networking
    • Technology Education
    • Microbiology
    • Biological Engineering
  • Associates degrees in
    • Electronic Engineering
    • Automotive Mechanics
    • Information Systems
  • The BICSI certification
We have a tight-knit team that is backed by experience, education, and unparalleled work ethic. We are also proud to have two team members with a military background and three members who have spent over 20 years learning the electronics and networking industries. Our team is ready, and excited, to build a partnership with your people to provide you with peace of mind you can trust.

Contact Us

7617 Boeing Drive,
Greensboro, NC 27409
Tel: 336-223-4811