Build a Complete Safety System with Real Time Locating Services

Give your community the peace of time with Real Time Locating Services (RTLS). Your custom-built system allows you to track the location of staff and residents in real time. 

With one integrated solution, you can finally have a system that includes wireless nurse call, wander management, and patient tracking while creating a safe environment for everyone.

CenTrak’s TruView for Senior Living

We’ve partnered with Centrak for the latest in RTLS technology. Focused on building a safe environment for senior care facilities’ residents and staff means high-quality care.

The TruView system is designed especially for communities such as Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Care, Memory Care/Adult Daycare, or Behavioral Health.

All-in-One RTLS Safety Solution

Emergency Call, Staff Assist, Contact Tracing, and Wander Management

Emergency Call

Ensure an immediate response to emergency calls and wander events before it’s too late.

Staff Assist

Enhance workflow automation for staff and improve response time.

Contact Tracing

Reduces the spread of infectious outbreaks with built-in contact tracing reports

Wander Management

Total indoor and outdoor wireless campus coverage.

Talk to a security specialist today to find the right RTLS system for your facility.
Say goodbye to disconnected systems and get the all-in-one solution to keep your facility up to date and your residents feeling safe.

Scalable and fits your budget


Seamless integration with EMR and many building systems


Provides safety and freedom