Video Surveillance

A comprehensive video surveillance system helps your organization be more secure and efficient while reducing your exposure to theft, accidents, and liability claims.

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Security of your business and its assets are more important than ever, whether it is a manufacturing facility, warehouse, high rise or apartment complex, or a protected residential community. A good video surveillance system is paramount to capturing and recording activity as it happens. Often, individuals intent on perpetrating an illegal act will be deterred upon noticing surveillance cameras. Having a surveillance system in place – both outside and inside your business – captures and records events for further investigation, either by internal security personnel or local authorities if necessary.
Video surveillance systems are now equipped to record in a variety of methods, moving away from the VHS tape recording of yesteryear, to recording to NVR (network video recorder), DVR, and hybrid. Storage of high-quality video footage is also more affordable. Depending on the amount of time you want to store video footage, you can choose to use the camera’s internal storage drive, on a hard drive (analog or local storage) or externally on a cloud-based platform that can easily be accessed for years to come (Internet Protocol).

Security surveillance systems can help maintain the integrity of your business by:

  • Monitoring productivity of employees
  • Discouraging theft by employees
  • Identifying employees that are stealing
  • Protecting employees or residents from known or perceived threats from without the business
  • Monitoring entrances and exits to the building at all times
  • Monitoring for fire
Video surveillance cameras are more sophisticated than ever, offering weather protection for exterior use, night vision, and motion detection. Don’t leave your business unattended: Contact AMPED today for a custom security surveillance system that’s right for you.