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Specializing in nurse call systems, AMPED embraces today’s technology and software to provide the best solution for your unique needs. The systems we design and install offer a comprehensive and flexible range of call types, alarms, and display options to promote efficient responses by nurses to patient calls. Amped listens to your specific needs and creates a solution to meet your needs, expectations, and budget.

Amped has nurse call systems that meet the needs of hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted-living facilities. Also known as call bell systems or call light systems, our products are designed for effective communication between nurses and patients or residents. Our nurse call systems provide residents with freedom and mobility and patient peace of mind knowing that help is immediately available.
Amped’s nurse call systems provide:
  • Attractive, convenient devices with long battery life
  • Advanced algorithm for locating residents under duress
  • A wireless network that conforms to requirements defined by UL 2560
  • Reports on daily activities per patient or as broad as year-end reviews of an entire facility.

Nurse call systems give your hospital, nursing home, or assisted living facility options that make communications from patients and/or residents with up-to-date technology such as:

  • Reliable wireless and wired nurse call systems
  • Wrist-band call buttons
  • Help pull cords
  • Personal wearable pendants
  • RTLS – Real Time Locating Services
  • UL1069 compliant wired and wireless systems.
  • Specialty call cords to accommodate special needs such as soft touch, chin and breath activated call points.

Partner with AMPED for the most reliable and expandable nurse call systems for your healthcare facility.

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