Education Security Systems

If there’s any one field where safety is a constantly increasing concern, it’s education. Unfortunate events in recent history demand that educational institutions ranging from preschools to universities upgrade security measures to keep students and staff safe. In addition to keeping people safe, protecting assets is also important. Valuable educational supplies like computers, sports equipment, and the school building itself need to be protected, and private student records must be kept secure. Amped school security solutions can be applied in any educational facility to increase safety and protect valuable assets.

Wireless Solutions

Teachers and school staff must be free to move about the building and campus while still having access to communication. Amped wireless solutions, from alert buttons to pagers, provide safety on the go.

Emergency Alert

School staff needs to be able to sound an emergency alarm, whether auditory or silent, from anywhere. In cases of violence or medical emergencies, a quick response can mean the difference between life and death. Amped products include emergency alert systems for school buildings and college campuses.


Staff Duress

If a staff member feels threatened or has a medical emergency, staff duress call systems alert the necessary support staff to respond quickly. Amped offers a range of products to meet this need, including wireless alert buttons that can be worn by staff on their person.

Access Control

There are certain areas of educational buildings that need to be kept secure. Access control systems make sure that only authorized personnel can gain access to secure areas of the building or campus. This is especially useful for college dormitories and other residential buildings.

Asset Retention

Educational supplies are expensive and a large part of the school budget. Protecting these valuable teaching tools is a crucial part of security in schools. Preventing vandalism to the school building itself is another reason sufficient security is necessary.

Video Surveillance

Serving multiple purposes — safety, security, and liability protection — video surveillance makes it possible to monitor all areas of a school building or campus. From daycare centers to college campuses, video monitoring increases safety for all students.

Campus Security Solutions Offer Increased Safety for Students & Staff and Protection for Valuable School Assets

Students represent the bright future of our society, and these young citizens deserve the utmost protection. Amped provides solutions that can be adapted to suit any school building or campus from preschools and daycare centers to high schools and universities. After the initial installation of all products and systems, ongoing support is available from Amped for the lifetime of the product. Contact Amped at (336) 223-4811 to learn more about security solutions for your school.

There’s an Amped Product for Every Educational Facility

Schools need to be safe for students and faculty alike and valuable educational materials need to be secure. The right systems add extra security measures to schools, making them safer for everyone in the building. These systems can include:

  • Wireless Solutions
  • Asset Retention
  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Staff Duress